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2020-2021 Friends of the Junior League (under $250)

Your tax deductible donation will help our organization sustain itself through the development of our leaders and membership.


2020-2021 Lillie Lee Minier Society (donations over $250)

The Lillie Lee Minier Society is an

Internal Member Donation Only.

The Lillie Lee Minier Society (LLMS) was created in the Fall of 2015 as a special donor society of the Junior League of Montgomery to celebrate the League’s 90 years of service. LLMS members are comprised of Sustainers, Actives and Provisionals. Donated funds have been and will continue to be used to further the League’s sustainability (e.g., scholarships, women’s leadership training, etc.), and will be used to fund the League’s 100th Anniversary Milestone. To donate and join LLMS, please select your donation level below.

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2020-2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

2020-2021 Sponsorship Opportunity Levels

$25,000.00 - Grand Investor

$15,000.00 - Title Investor

$10,000.00 - Premier Investor

$7,500.00 - Signature Investor

$5,000.00 - Gold Investor

$3,000.00 - Silver Investor