2019-2020 Prospective Member Form with Sponsor

WANTED: Women interested in voluntarism and committed to community service!

If that describes you, then get busy filling out this form!



APRIL 10, 2019 at 11:45 am 


APRIL 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Junior League of Montgomery HQ

3570 Carter Hill Road

Montgomery, AL 36111


We require One Sponsor for each prospective new member. 

The Open House is not mandatory, but women interested in joining the League are strongly encouraged to attend to find out more about our organization and how they can make a difference in our community by being a member of the Junior League of Montgomery. Come join us!!!

***Sponsors must be a CURRENT ACTIVE OR SUSTAINING MEMBER OF JLM. An Active, Honor Roll Active, or Sustaining member in good standing.


If you have any questions about membership admissions,

please contact: Nicole Pinkham, 2019-2020 Provisional Chair


Prospective New Member Information:

If you have a representative in JLM that fills the Sponsor Requirements, you may put her information here,

or have her fill out the internal JLM form for you.

JLM Sponsor Agreement:

Current Resident Active or Sustaining League Members in good standing may sponsor:

1 resident member and

1 non-resident member per year.

This one prospective member limit applies to all League members regardless of sustainer or honor roll status or having active league membership of five years or more.


Sponsor Agreement:

The sponsor is recommending this individual above for membership in the Junior League of Montgomery and agree to serve as her liaison.
The Sponsor also understands that as the prospective member’s liaison she will be responsible for:

JLM will contact the sponsor upon receipt of this form.

Although it is not required it is greatly encouraged for you to attend the Prospective Member Open House on April 10, 2019 OR April 11, 2019.

When you click submit your form will be sent and you will be taken to a Registration Page for attending the Open House.

If you are coming alone please indicate by placing a 1 in the box.  If you are attending with your JLM Sponsor/liaison please place a 2 in the box.

If you will not be attending the Open House, you have completed your Form of Intent by clicking submit.