2023-2024 Prospective Member Form with Sponsor

 Women interested in voluntarism and committed to community service!

If that describes you, then get busy filling out this form!

  The 98th Junior League of Montgomery(JLM) Year will begin on June 1, 2023, and we want you to join.  Complete the form for membership and we will contact you later on for our Spring 2023 membership drive and open house/information session. 

We require One *Sponsor for each prospective new member. If you do not know who can be a sponsor for you - don't hesitate to contact us. We will find you one.  

If you would like additional information about joining the Junior League of Montgomery and how you can make a difference in our community by becoming a member, please email Sonya Stallworth, 2023 Provisional Chair, at sonya.stallworth.jlm@gmail.com.

*Sponsors must be a CURRENT ACTIVE, HONOR ROLL ACTIVE, OR SUSTAINING MEMBER OF JLM in good standing.  We can help you find a sponsor - our Provisional Chair, Sonya Stallworth, will be happy to assist you.    

 Prospective New Member Information:

If you have a representative in JLM that fills the Sponsor Requirements, you may put her information here,

or have her fill out the internal JLM form for you.

JLM Sponsor Agreement:

Current Resident Active or Sustaining League Members in good standing may sponsor:

1 resident member and

1 non-resident member per year.

This one prospective member limit applies to all League members regardless of sustainer or honor roll status or having active league membership of five years or more.


Sponsor Agreement:

The sponsor is recommending this individual above for membership in the Junior League of Montgomery and agree to serve as her liaison.
The Sponsor also understands that as the prospective member’s liaison she will be responsible for:

  • Attending the first General Membership Meeting in September 2023; and
  • Making myself available to assist the prospective member during her Provisional Year.

JLM will contact the sponsor upon receipt of this form.