Community Assistance Fund Application (CAFA)


The Community Assistance Fund (CAF) provides a means for the Junior League of Montgomery (JLM) to respond quickly, as in an emergency situation, to a limited funding need of non-profit agencies. A volunteer component is not required and requests may come from outside the Junior League of Montgomery focus area. The CAF enables the JLM to support a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit agency in their immediate time of need.

Guidelines for Community Assistance Fund Application

Applicants must have a 501 (c) (3) status or legal equivalent with the IRS.

CAF requests are for monetary emergency needs under $1,000.00. Any amount exceeding $1,000 requires approval by the Junior League of Montgomery Board of Directors.

Grants shall be restricted to agencies that operate within a 35 mile radius of Montgomery.

Requests will not be considered from annual fundraising drives or campaigns.

Any non-profit agency that receives funds from the CAF may not re-apply for funding from the CAF in the same calendar year.

Agencies that are already receiving funds from the Junior League of Montgomery are ineligible for CAF funding.

Organization Information


Thank you for submitting your Community Assistance Fund Application. If you have any direct questions regarding this application please contact our Community Placement VP.

You will receive an emailed copy of this form upon submittal for your records. 

Please submit all other documentation to